Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Good people

For all the snipping and disagreements that happen over little things in life, there's one thing that I can always count on from my cyber friends, blog buddies and everyone in between..........kindness.
Words cannot express how touched I have been by the comforting words I've received from people that I've never even met in person, but I feel like I know them just the same.   Everyone seemed to know that I didn't just lose "a sheep", but a part of my life that was important to me, and for that, I am grateful.
I hit my dashboard on my blog today looking for more "lambs for sale" posts, and I was reduced to tears by the simple act of kindness from Lorraine on her blog ( Lorraine's post )  Now that I've ruined my makeup one more day, I am warmed by the sweetness of so many.  
Do I think that all of us will agree on what is the perfect Shetland, heck no, but I know that every one of you are good people.  We all share the same thing, a love for Shetland sheep, the knowledge of pain over losing one that is special or the heart ache of having to sell a herd that brings us so much joy.  All of these things bind us.........and I, for one, am glad for it.
God bless every single one of you.......and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Warm regards,


  1. Kelly, I remembered when we buried Miniel in February, We had to wait a month before we could bury her because the ground was so frozen. We had laid her on a pillow and covered her up with a blanket inside a plastic storage bin. When we buried her, it had been so cold , she didn't look any different. She just looked like she was asleep...very peaceful. My hubby asked if he could use the Valentine roses he bought for me for her. He placed the roses on top of her and her blanket. We cried..... He planted red petunias on her grave a couple of weeks ago.He is such a dear man! I know how painful it is to lose a sheep you love. Please be extra kind to yourself now...take extra care!


  2. Thank you again Lorraine.


He who angers you, controls you.

And my favorite.......You can't control what others say or do, but you can control your reaction.

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Raised beds & chickens coops
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