Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Emily the sheep Wrangler

We took three days off of work to get caught up on things at home........technically, we need about 3 weeks worth, but we started with 3 days.  My sister in law, Emily, is a city gal, but I will never say conversions don't work, because Emily is quickly becoming two very capable extra hands at the OK Acres farm.  
Friday was the perfect day to gather the sheep and do lamb vaccinations and worming, we check eye lid color and only worm those that look as if they have a heavy worm load.  Every year, I worm less than I did the previous year, so something is working.  Emily agreed to help and showed up in her new "farm boots"......see below.
Emily in her new "farm boots"

After a few, pardon the pun, flowery compliments on her new footwear, we are off to the lot to gather sheep. The sheep went in the pen nicely, for ONCE, and so we started checking eye lids, feet, fleece, boy packages, horns, teeth, and conformation as we vaccinated lambs.  My friend, Terri and her son Clayton, were on hand to help out since Clayton will be showing 2 of my lambs at the local Green County Fair this year.  We went through a small hands-on teaching session with Clayton to point out what we were doing.  He's a farm boy, so he caught on quickly and I let him take over checking worm loads, teeth and "packages".  He did a great job!!!  It's so much fun to involve a young person in something that gives you joy.  
Ok, back to Emily..........I waited until today to post this, because today is her Birthday!!!! The next two pictures are ones that I took when she decided she was man enough catch and flip one of the Shetland/Charollais/Texel cross bred ewes on her fanny.  I love this picture, when have any of us had such joy on our faces when we are vaccinating sheep?  (grin)  
Faith doesn't look nearly as pleased-lol

Emily flipping Faith

Happy Birthday ya!!!!


  1. Thanks Kelly! I'm always willing to help when the animals are as nice as yours! I'm glad I finally have proper foot gear now too!

  2. How nice to get the work done and have extra hands to help! Always more fun - not to mention more efficient - that way.


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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