Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lambs showing promise and mini lamb races.......

Below is a picture of Salicional's twins: Salina, a gray kat/gulmoget ewe and Sawyer, a black gulmoget ram. On the left is one of Meadow's rams and in the upper left corner is Bailey, her lamb is off playing  
Salina was born with a dog coat, but I am told that is pretty typical of this line and they have a tendency to turn awesome at 4-5 months old.  Both lambs are pretty good confirmation-wise.  Sawyer is horned and is a very calm personality.  Salicional has that darker smoky blue that I love so much in gray kats, so I'm hoping that Salina will be similar.

This little girl has caught my attention from the minute I saw her standing next to her mom.  Seneca just has that "something" that makes you sit up and take a second look.  She has the perfect white triangle of white on her head and those adorable bands of white on her lower back legs are such a nice touch.  And....she's out of an F1 ewe with a 5 yr mircon of 20.9 AFD and a ram with a 2 yr micron of 18.9 AFD.  I can't wait to see how she turns out as an adult.  For now, she's soft, dense and her conformation is right on.
Sarah's ewe, Seneca. I love this ewe, she's staying.

Solace gave me two spectacular lambs this year and as they mature, I am becoming more impressed.  Both lambs have great fleece, soft, dense and consistent, they are poll carriers on both sides, with the added bonus of possibly carrying spots too.  Both lambs were born with minor white on their heads.  I honestly believe they were a wee bit premature, so they have a bit of catching up to do, but they are filling out nicely and I am crossing my fingers they continue to improve.
Sparta, Solace's ram out of Bug.  Square, poll carrier, spot carrier and the yummiest fleece on the place.
SOLD pending further evaluation
Sierra's fleece.  Runner up for favorite ewe lamb (Solace X Bug)  Her brother, Sparta,  has stunning fleece as well.
The sunlight washed out her fleece, so sorry for the poor photo.

Sparta's fleece close up.  This little guy just gets softer as he ages. 

Sierra again, minor white on head.  I was scratching her and she just laid down. 

Fawn kat (half poll) ram out of Meadow.  Both are exceptional rams, and will be for sale pending further evaluation
Meadow's ram lambs have really impressed me, square little lambs, with dense soft fleece and they both have white on their heads, so I'm assuming they carry spots.  Sire is Sheltering Pines Bug and he's as spotted as they come, with the bonus of incredible fleece.  Meadow and Bug are poll carriers.

Aster's ewe lamb, ( Alexandria)  I'm starting to really pay attention to this little girl, nice consistent fleece throughout.
                                                         Alexandria may be for sale.

Annnndddd, they're off......

This bunch just got freaked out when they pushed the hose out of the water tank.


  1. Man, I'd snap up any one of the ewe lambs shown (and probably some of the ramlings, even though I have too many on the place as it is)! So many gorgeous-looking fleeces, but I shouldn't be surprised. You collected an impressive number of outstanding individuals and their offspring are showing your excellent judgement of fine Shetlands!

  2. What an incredibly kind thing to say Michelle, thank you so much. I looked for a while and got a lot of help, and I'm lucky to be centrally located amongst a lot of good breeders. It all helps. I'm hoping I can get out to the BSG and finally meet you in person. Wouldn't that be fun?

  3. Oh yes!!! Not only would it be fun, but I have a feeling it would be a devastating blow to my pocketbook, because I would HAVE to acquire some of your excellent stock! I am NOT centrally located among great breeders of fine-fleeced, poll-carrying Shetlands, so would need to take advantage of the opportunity.

  4. Congrats Kelly on a VERY NICE looking bunch of lambs! Very cool. :-)


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