Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yellow Roses

I needed a slight cheering up today, so decided that a gratuitous shot of my Valentine's Day roses would lift my spirits. Yellow roses are my favorite rose color, and it means more to me that my husband remembers that yellow is my favorite rose, than the fact that he bought me roses. Actually, gladiolas are my favorite flower, but those are harder to find in Feb.

We are experiencing a nice thaw in Southern Wisconsin this week and although I am not fond of the slop and mud, it's a precursor to spring and green, so I'm stifling my complaints and am just grateful for the lack of sub-zero temps. Even the sheep have renewed vigor, well the rams do, the ewes are heavy with lambs and are in their calm period of moving around cautiously. I wish I could see in there and tell what they will be giving me!!!
A couple of my stand-offish (yep, not a word) ewes are right on top of me now. I have one that has been flighty from day one on my farm, Ceylon, and she has been right under my feet the last couple weeks, so either she's calming down or it's simply a pre-lambing behavior for her.

The more I type the more I'm cheering myself right up, or maybe I'm simply waking up.
My lamb count down calendar is at 30 days today.
Come on Spring time.


  1. Those bright and sunny roses should brighten your day!

    I love the time, shortly before lambing, when all of my girls get super friendly and want me close and love to have their bellies rubbed.

    If I'm REALLY lucky, I can even sneak a few locks of wool as they begin to roo....

    I hope you have a nice WEEKEND!


  2. Thanks Nancy, you too.

  3. Sending loads of happy yellow thoughts your way... :)

  4. Thanks Karen.......happy weekend to ya.

  5. chin up!
    sending you some smiles from wales!

  6. I'm ok John, just had a day when a lot of "things" hit me broad side. I'm a tough ole broad, I'll land on my feet. lol


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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