Monday, February 28, 2011

Michigan trip

It's always fun to visit with my Shetland friends, but it's even more fun to travel with one and then stay the entire weekend around them too.
I took off Friday from Monroe about 1 pm, met Juliann in Joliet and we headed for Allegan, MI for a couple days with Stephen. My trip served two purposes, I purchased a lovely gray katmoget ewe in the fall, and had to get her before lambing and I got to see Stephen's lovely herd of sheep.
Saturday we went to the barn with ziploc bags to collect fleece samples. I was in heaven getting to sink my hands into one luxurious fleece after another. Then off to Saugatuk (sp) for a day of window shopping and a laughter filled lunch with friends.

I'd like to introduce Sheltering Pines Salicional to OK Acres

She's standing a bit funky here, so sorry for the goofy shot, but my shutter speed is horribly slow and I always miss the good pictures.

Salicional is bred to Wintertime Black Forrest (a polled ram)

Here's a shot of Juliann after her first knitting lesson. She is a natural, picked up on it right away, I was properly impressed.

We had to leave mid-way through the shearing, as we had a long drive ahead of us and the weather was a bit on the iffy side.
I'm hoping to make a lot more farm visits this year, I guess we'll have to see what fuel prices do to us this summer before I plan too much. As one point, it cost me $87 to fill up my truck!!! Thank you BIG OIL. (thick sarcasm inserted here)


  1. Salicional is awesome! That's a great blood line as well. Bred to Forrest should be interesting.

    Whispering Pines

  2. I am so jealous of all of you in the middle of the country, being able to connect like that! Still long driving distances, but at least it is do-able. I wonder if Garrett will still come to BSG if the fuel prices keep climbing....

    I'm afraid I'm not going to get any katmoget lambs this year; from the way the ewes are looking right now, the back-up ram may have had all the fun!

  3. You should get some really nice lambs from her. I'm glad you guys had a good time...even if it was without me *jealous* : (. LOL

  4. @ Michelle, it is nice to have so many sheepy people near me, and if I didn't work, I'd be visiting someone all the time. :D
    @ Rich-thanks, I adore her blueish gray wool!
    @Corinne, next time we will drag you along.

  5. Salicional is nice! Love the dark grey kats!

    Good to see J knitting!

    You guys ought to take a drive down to my place this spring after the lambs come.

  6. Egads, I look raggity tired, lol! Thanks for the knitting lessons, and for driving Kelly, I sure had a BLAST!!

  7. Lucky you. Sounds like a fun road trip!


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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