Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Snow fun

Nothing gets Tess as excited as SNOW, she loves it, she barks to be let out when it snows and no matter how old she gets, she can't stop playing in it. This is one of her favorite games.............
"Ok, now that I've rolled in it"...........

"I know there's something down there..........mom says so."

"Just a little deeper and I know I'll find it"...........

"I can smell you down there............some day, you will be sorry you've taunted me"
After 10-14 minutes of digging, she will give up and move to another snow pile and begin the process all over again.  Makes me laugh and smile every single time.
Maybe some day I will actually hide something in a snow pile for her to find, but after 9 winters of following this procedure religiously, she never tires of coming up without the booty she frantically tries to find.  Gotta love it.
Now the cats..............who can explain why cats do what they do?  Certainly not me.
Empty boxes seem to hold deep fascination for these two
Thomas on left, Nicki on right

"I'm smiling as big as I can mom........cheeeeeeeseburgers"

"I refuse to smile for this nonsense" 

"I AM cuteness"  


  1. Your kitties are toooo funny!

  2. I love cats! Our cats like boxes too!

  3. Oh what pretty cats you have! Ours love to jump into empty boxes and bags too. It always make me smile too. I wonder if your dog Tess is after mice tunneling under the snow. Maybe she'll catch something one of these days.


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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