Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas and critters............and fiber!

My first skein of yarn ever.
Well, I got my first lesson on how to ply yarn last Wednesday night!  What fun.  I got approx. 108 ft on one spindle and 76 ft on another, and now I have to figure out what to make with it.   It's 100% shetland and I love the color and variations that I get with the gray, so I'm thinking a hat would be good, or maybe a felted pair of slippers.  I ended up with a worsted weight, so lots of possibilities.  I washed and set the twist on Saturday, then let it dry over the rest of the weekend and now I'm pretty excited to see it laying there all done.  I LOVE TO SPIN!!!  My new addiction has officially begun. On to some fabulous black roving I got back on Wed. from the mill right after I finish spinning up the white fiber that was sent with my wheel.  I'm pretty sure the fiber Pat included for me is alpaca, it spins up beautifully.  Thanks to all the ladies that have taken the time to help me with my newest challenge.  Fiber friends are fantastic!
Nothing says Christmas quite like a couple of over indulged animals lazing around the Christmas tree.  Thomas, my orange tabby cat, seems to think the tree was solely for his enjoyment.  But, Thomas thinks that everything in the house is  placed there for his enjoyment.
Tess is very fond of her new ortho-bed, Thomas tried to claim that and was quickly dispatched of the notion when Tess figured out it was hers.  Suspiciously absent is Nicki, my resident feline trouble maker, but she had just gotten a "talking to" about the removal of ornaments from the freshly adorned tree.  As soon as I put the camera away, she was back, looking for more trouble.  
Oh, but where would we be without these little gems in our lives?
Thomas enjoying his tree skirt

"You may place my gifts on the left and the right"

Tess on her new cushy pad (she's having trouble with her hips)
TaTa for now all............


  1. Beautiful skein of yarn, Kelly!
    Welcome to the addiction of spinning!!!!!

  2. Thanks Lorraine, I'm not going to stop spinning anytime soon, I'm good and hooked. I love to knit, so I will have to give up some of my precious knitting time now. :D

  3. Great job on the spinning. I hope to find time to get better at it myself....someday.


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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