Friday, October 29, 2010

Mircon results

Ok, here's my SPRING micron results:  (better late than never) 
Abby: AFD 31.0  SD 6.9  CV21.6  CEM 13.5 CF 45.5  SF 31.2 (double coated 5 yr old) This didn't surprise me much.
Alanna: AFD 26.7  SD 7.9 CV 29.5  CEM 15.2  CF 71  SF 28.2
Aster: AFD 26.9  SD 6.9  CV 25.7  CEM 12.5  CF 72.3  SF 27.3
Hayden AFD 28.1  SD 6.5  CV 23.1  CEM 11.7  CF 65.3  SF 27.9
Heidi: AFD 29.9  SD 6.9  CV 23.1  CEM 13.6  CF 59.0  SF 29.6
Maggie: AFD 32.7  SD 11.2  CV 34.3 CEM 23.2  CF 57.1  SF 36.3  (double coated 5 yr old)
Murdock: AFD 28.3  SD 7.6  CV  27.6  CEM 17.3 CF69.0  SF 29.3
Velma: AFD 25.4  SD 5.2 CV 20.5 CEM 9.2 CF 84.1 SF 24.6
The final 2 samples were taken in September from ewe lambs
Solace: AFD 20.9  SD 4.6  CV 21.9  CEM 9.4 CF 96  SF 20.5  ( This thrilled me!!!)
Sweet Pea: AFD 29.1  SD 8.6  CV 29.7  CEM 16.5  CF 61.6  SF 30.8 (this did surprise me!)
I just took samples from everyone last Sunday again and will post those when I get them back.
All my sheep are single coated with the exception of the two that I note above.
I have placed Solace in Sheltering Pines Bug's breeding group, and am more anxious than ever to see what the 2 of them will give me. 
I had a lovely lady come this evening and purchase OK Acres Victor, one of the twin ram lambs out of Velma and OK Acres Morgan, a white ewe lamb.  I was so pleased that someone was going to be able to use this wonderful little ram, if I didn't have 2 rams already, I would have kept him, so this was a great day.


  1. Some really nice numbers, Kelly! Solace and Bug....Mmmmmmmmm : ).

  2. Thanks, I was pretty pleased by Bailey's numbers also, she was one of the ewes I got from Juliann.


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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