Sunday, October 24, 2010

Breeding Groups!!!

All the sheep got put into their breeding groups today......And now I settled in for the 5 month wait that always seems to drive me batty.  Some would argue that I'm already batty, but I'm hoping it's a loving jab and they don't really think I'm nuts. 
Sheltering Pines Bug got:
OK Acres Abby                           OK Acres Miranda
Wintertime Solace                         Sheltering Pines Aster
V Creek Sarah                              Lil Country Meadow
Sheltering Pines Ceylon                 Lil Country Bailey
OK Acres Morgan

Crosswinds Nantucket got:
Pearl's Maggie                             OK Acres Sweet Pea
Lil Country Velma                       OK Acres Mikala
OK Acres Alanna                        OK Acres Myria
OK Acres Hayden
Wintertime Garnet

I also got fleece samples from everyone and they will be going out in tomorrow's mail.
I evaluated all the sheep, checked to see who might need worming, and I'm happy to say that only 7 sheep needed worming.  Not a single sheep had pale membranes, and most of them had a pinkish look to them, but felt they could have had more color and wormed them.  My goal is to breed towards parasite resistance and last year had me culling heavily to eliminate the worst ones from the herd.


  1. It looks as though you'll have some wonderful lambs to play with next spring. Five months does seem like a long time doesn't it. We had a ewe breed as soon as the ram lamb came off my truck and went in the field. Guess it was good I didn't delay coming home.

  2. Patience may be a virtue, but it certainly is not one of mine. Yes, 5 months seems like an eternity to me this year. Solace has gotten to be such a suck up, she comes looking for me every time I'm in with the sheep now. I just love her personality. I got her fleece sample (Garnet's as well) sent off yesterday. We shall see what it says....
    Which ram, Khan?


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Raised beds & chickens coops

Raised beds & chickens coops
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