Friday, September 03, 2010

Newest project in the works

I decided that I had to have a new project bag.  Why, you ask? It couldn't possibly be because I have too many projects....perish the thought.
I rustled around in the back room, now officially named, "The Fiber Room", and I found some wonderful yarn that I had done this last fall.  OK Acres Abby, my very first Shetland lamb gave me oodles of lovely musket yarn and when using it to knit a project, it feels like butter in my hands.  The bag I chose was a pattern by Two Old Bags and you have 3 sizes that you can chose.  I generally go with the, go big or go home concept, so I got started on the big tote right away.  As I am knitting, I get the great idea of doing a couple stripes, so back to the Fiber Room and I decide on some black from our resident pain in the butt, Steve the wether.  Steve does't have the nicest fleece, actually, it's just this side of yuck, but his personality keeps him alive and well in our pasture.  After all, I'd only be using enough black for a few rounds.  Then the inspiration for the white stripe hit me and back to looking for more fiber.
This is approximately 1/2 done now, I will felt it when done and now I can hardly wait until it's done. A little more length and some handles, and it will be ready for felting.
Abby is in the upper left corner.  Her wool is showcased in this project bag.
And here is Steve!!!  Can't pet anybody until he's gotten his loving.
Steve contributed 2 black stripes to my project bag.
Gearing up for the Labor Day weekend and trying to decide what to do for 3 whole days....
TaTa for now all

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Mike and I

Mike and I
Mike and I at Nick and Emily's wedding

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Raised beds & chickens coops
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