Monday, September 13, 2010

New faces to put with the names

Becky Utecht (on the right) after judging the hand spun shetland skein competition.

One of the ram classes at the Shetland show.

Garrett's little ewe lamb hated her halter and just laid right down she was so frustrated by not being able to get away from it.  We got a lot of laughs out of that little moment.

Kim, Theresa and Maureen taking a teensy break after a couple busy days at the festival.  Thanks for all your hard work ladies, it IS appreciated!
Where would we be without people that are generous enough to donate their time to making sure all this stuff happens every year?  My hat is off to you.

Lori Stephenson doing a lambing demo with her "ewe simulator", what an educational and fun seminar.  The lady in the teal shirt is pulling out a breach "lamb" aka panda bear.

Corinne Rasso and her lovely single coated fawn ewe....I just loved this little girl.  You can see it from this picture, but she has wonderful crimp and luster.  And the color....... gorgeous.


  1. I meant to say, You CAN'T see it from this picture. I seriously need to take a vacation.

  2. Thanks for the glimpse into a show in another part of the country! And why didn't you bring Corinne's ewe lamb home with you???

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  4. Corinne was being a little selfish and not offering her for sale :( lol.
    Actually, I don't blame her one little bit for not selling her, she will be a wonderful addition to her breeding program. She has a very nice flock. The show results did not do her sheep justice. Had a judge that really liked giant shetlands, he said he felt that the amount of wool you could get from a sheep was his first priority when placing them!!! It was a "interesting" weekend. Had a blast with all the sheepy folks though and can not wait until next year. Too bad you couldn't make it out.

  5. that ewe lamb had had enough by that time. I think she was extremely bored. If she were scared you would have seen the whites of her eyes, but she was just content to hang out with Sue :)

    Thanks for all the great photos!


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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