Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shetland folks are simply wonderful..........

I have, on occasion, been involved with groups of folks that all share a common interest.  My past experiences have all be positive, with the exception of one group which shall remain nameless.  I started raising shetland sheep, quite by accident.  Our friends were moving to Arizona, sheep don't do well in AZ, so they sold their herd, but the ram was related to most of the herd and the buyer of the ewes just didn't want him.  They told us if they didn't find a home for him by the time we moved, he would be shot.  Well, that seemed crazy to me, so I said, "We'll take him until you can find him a home", turns out, we were the new home.  Rambo (he came with that name, I will not be blamed for that one) turned out to be such a delight, playing with our horses, sleeping and guarding our colts, we just thought, "He needs a couple girlfriends."  After some inquiry, I found some shetlands right here in Monroe and the start of my herd had begun. 
Most of my original sheep came from Tami Mulder's stock, so there's some Dillon in a few and several lines of Bramble as well as some Wintertime and Winter Sky stock.  Quite by default I had gotten some pretty nice bloodlines as well as a lot of polled carriers.  Let me just say, that my first lamb was joy to behold and I was hooked forever!  Where had these wonderful sheep been hiding all of my life and why had I never heard of them?
I have since met and purchased sheep from several wonderful shetland breeders and I will have to say I have been overwhelmed with the helpfulness, generosity and willingness of these individuals to help me in any way they are able.  I have "met" numerous breeders and shetland lovers on blogs and the information that I pull from these has been invaluable.  It's wonderful to see how much pride all of us feel when the lambs start coming in the spring.  It's especially nice to see how much genuine happiness we feel for fellow breeders when they get a really nice lamb, how we feel the same sadness when someone loses a special one, and how we share simple victories that seem unimportant to people that don't share our same passion for shetlands.  I look forward to everyone's updates, it makes me feel like I'm a part of something really special, our own little community of folks with a common interest, our beloved shetland sheep. 
TaTa for now.


  1. I agree!
    By the way, you have a beautiful blog and amazing sheep! :)

  2. What a kind thing to say Sabrina, thank you.


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