Monday, June 14, 2010

New sheep are here!!!!

It's always very exciting to get new sheep added to your herd, but it's made even more exciting when you know you are going to get quality sheep.
I bought my first 2 ewes from Karen and Meghan last summer and was so happy with the overall quality, that I got on their sale list for this year to take advantage of their wonderful fleece genetics.  As an added bonus, I got to purchase a very nice ewe from Stephen Rouse also.  This was my first time meeting Stephen and I am only sad that I had so little time to pick the brains of both Karen of Stephen before we had to hit the road back to Monroe, WI.  Stephen is one of those guys that you just like instantly and I know he has vast stores of knowledge that I could have tapped into if I had the time to sit and visit.  
After 12 hours of being on the road Saturday, we got 5 very confused sheep home to their new pasture.  Welcome to V Creek Sarah, a grey katmoget, her black 2010 ewe lamb,  Wintertime Solace,  Wintertime Garnet (moorit), and Sheltering Pines Bug, a moorit sokket smirslet from Meghan's flock,  and Sheltering Pines Ceylon, a moorit, flecket smirslet from Stephen's flock.  I'm especially anxious to see what Bug (09 Ram), can do for my flock, his lamb and yearling microns were great. 
Sheltrgpines Bug(Moorit spotted scurred NASSA Shetland yearling ram)--18.9 AFD, 3.4 SD, 17.8 CV, 99.9 CF.I think I'm going to go nuts waiting for next year's lamb crop!  (grin)
Who knows, maybe I'll even try my hand at showing a few next year!
Ta ta for now


  1. Oh, you are so very blessed to get all those wonderful sheep! When transportation for that ewe at Stephen's didn't work out, I was really bummed; even more so when no local (WA, OR, CA) options turned up anything. So yesterday I bit the bullet and spoke for a spotted grey katmoget ewe lamb of Garrett's. I can only hope she carries a poll gene, but knew if I didn't take this opportunity to get something out of a finer-fleeced flock I would kick myself for a long time to come.

  2. Good for you Michelle....Which sheep did you buy from Garret, any pictures?
    I love the sheep I got from Stephen and Karen! The pictures don't really do them justice, in fact the shot of Sarah I got last night is down right pathetic. I'm hoping to get some better ones once they settle down from being transported. Bug is such a neat fella, I think we are going to love him. I heard from Corinne today that the spotted ram I bought from her is definitely Mioget, so I'm pretty excited about that too. Should have everyone home by the middle of July. Good luck in getting your ewe.

  3. Kelly, can you believe I am buying this ewe lamb sight unseen??? But I've seen pictures, pedigrees and micron testing results of both parents, and trust Garrett to shoot straight with me. The lamb is young, so I'm just hoping the early weaning and long trip aren't too hard on her.


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