Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New sheep coming to OK Acres

I am so pleased to have made some nice sheep purchases this spring.  I waited far to long to make up my mind last year and missed out on some very nice sheep.  Well, fool me once......that was not going to happen this year.  I got my little fanny on some waiting lists and I've managed to snag some nice additions to my flock.
Corinne Rasso, from Eldrige, IA has a wonderful little morrit (possibly modified) spotted ram lamb for me and after a very chilly and wet motorcycle trip to her place last Sunday, the deposit is in her hands and I'm pretty excited to add Nantucket to our flock.
Once again, I will be purchasing nice stock from Meghan Namaste.  I got 2 ewes from her last year and was very pleased with them.  So, another trip north  is in order to pick up Sarah and Solace.
Another northern acquisition is Shelter Pines Ceylon from Stephen Rouse in Michigan.  Ceylon is a 2 yr old fawn and white flecket/smirslet spotted ewe that he has decided to part with this year. 
My final purchase for this year will be a katmoget ewe from Juliann Budde in Wilmington, IL.  Juliann has been working on her polled genetics for years and is making some real progress.  I met her last fall at the Midwest Fiber Festival in Jefferson, WI and she is kind woman that took the time to help me with a lot of questions regarding showing the shetlands and the complicated world of shetland colors and patterns. 
I have not met an unfriendly shetland breeder yet, we are all just thrilled to be chatting about something we love. 
Tonight is my weekly knitting group in Argyle, WI.....lots of laughter and encouragement can be found with these wonderful ladies.   I am going to try my hand at spinning very soon, but have to find a wheel to practice on first, I'd like to see if it's something I'm going to like before I invest in a wheel.  I love to knit, it's addictive for me, I always feel lost without a project bag in the car with me.  (grin)
We have our annual Relay for Life Wine Tasting here at Davis Welding on Saturday night, so this is a busy week of preparations for us.  There's wines, food, lots of fun and laughter and an auction of donated items afterwards.  We have over 70 confirmed guests this year, so we are going to have our hands full, but it's always a good time and even if we get tired, it's all worth it.  Last year's contributions were well over $2000, so it's our biggest fund raising effort for our team. 
Enjoying the spectacular weather this week......ta ta for now all.


  1. When are you going to Stephen's and how far are you from Garrett's??? I am desperately trying to find transportation for a ewe from Stephen's to Garrett's before Garrett leaves on June 16 for Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon, where I live. Any chance you could help?

  2. Send me your phone number, we will hook up somehow and get the details worked out.
    Sorry, I had no idea you posted a comment on here until I got your e-mail. I guess I just never checked for comments.

  3. Hi Kelly! I'm sorry I didn't return your phone call. I accidentally erased your message before I wrote down your # and couldn't for the life of me remember how to get in contact with you.

    Congrats on all your new sheep purchases. I've added your blog to my list to follow! :)


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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